Canon Announces the EOS C700

EOS C700

Canon Middle East has announced its new anticipated cinema camera – the EOS C700, regarded as the brand’s flagship to the region. The next generation EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera was unveiled at CABSAT, incorporating Canon’s learnings based on professional feedback from across the world and the Middle East over the last five years, since the original Cinema EOS C300 was announced.

Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director, Canon Middle East, said: “Our engagement with the film-making industry is a journey which we started many years ago and has always given us an opportunity to highlight our support to women. It is a great sign of optimism and encouragement for all women in the region which coincides with our corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ that lies at the heart of our brand, philosophy and brand awareness. We will continue to provide support to the filmmaking industry and introduce our latest products.

“Through CABSAT, Canon is enabling opportunities for the region’s filmmaking industry, with the availability of a world-class portfolio of imaging solutions, ranging from cinema cameras to lenses including 4K technology, workflow solutions and even post production. The launch of the EOS C700 camera will elevate the capabilities of filmmakers from the Middle East, and leverages technologies that defines industry standards,” added Agrawal.




With an all-new modular design aimed at high-end cinema production, the C700 brings an all new power and flexibility expected in the A-Camera market. Featuring a Super35mm sensor that shoots up-to 4.5K, numerous recording options, and an upcoming RAW update, the C700 promises superb image and build quality.

“Besides bringing in advanced technology which cater to the cinema industry, our aim is to showcase how production houses can innovatively integrate our solutions in their setup without any hassle, to drive creativity. We will work very closely with the filmmaking and broadcast industry along with production houses to demonstrate how Canon technology can be an integral part of creative workflow and help achieve outstanding content,” said Venkatasubramanian Hariharan, Business Unit Director, B2C Canon Middle East.