Delivering a Secure Digital Environment

HID InterviewChannel Post speaks with Wisam Yaghmour, the Regional Director of HID Global on the company’s operations in the Middle East region.

Channel Post (CP): Give us a brief overview about your company.
Wisam Yaghmour (WY): HID Global provides access control and secure identity solutions, including smart cards, readers, printers, RFID tags and software. We basically enable our customers to be able to create, manage and use secure identities through our products and services.

CP: What is the HID’s current focus?
WY: As technology continually evolves to create a smart and connected environment, the demand for security also grows proportionally. This region has a lot of potential when it comes to security products and we have seen rapid adoption of our products here. In today’s increasingly connected world, we see a boost in customer interest in mobile access control solutions. So our current focus is on providing a seamless connected environment to our customers by extending functionalities of the access control device in a secure manner.

CP: Can you elaborate on your initiatives to secure access control?
WY: We have launched a mobility initiative to provide organisations with enhanced user experience, greater convenience and a wide choice of applications. This initiative comprises of solutions, services, investments and alliances that offer a secure digital environment using a single trusted ID on a smart device.

The HID Mobile Access solution is a part of our mobility initiative and includes support for leading smart wearables. With our solutions we are turning smart devices into versatile credentials for accessing doors, data and cloud apps, carrying different IDs, etc. It is very interesting that our mobile access solutions are no longer viewed from a purely security perspective but also as a means to go digital and transform lifestyle choices as well. Apart from mobile access, this initiative also includes solutions aimed at enabling secure banking experience, among others.

CP: Which industry verticals are you currently present in?
WY: From a B2B perspective we are present in the Oil and Gas industry, Education sector, Banking, Healthcare and Telecom to name a few while from a B2C perspective our products find their application in smart cities.

CP: Do you participate in security events, like Intersec?
WY: Yes, we have been participating and exhibiting our products and solutions at Intersec for a number of years. There has been a significant increase in the demand for security in recent years and we find Intersec to be the perfect platform to generate new business leads and also attract serious customers who are looking for security solutions.

CP: How was your experience at this event?
WY: We had a very positive experience at Intersec’17 and witnessed a huge number of focussed visitors this year. There are three very important things that encourage our constant participation at the event. The first and foremost reason is that we are able to demonstrate our technology on such a huge platform. We also get the opportunity to meet our partners and generate new business relationships. Finally, since there is a very enthusiastic participation from around the world, we also look at this event to expand our reach geographically.