Leveraging partners to grow

Ambarish Gupta, Founder & CEO of KnowlarityChannel Post speaks with Ambarish Gupta, Founder & CEO of Knowlarity about the company’s expansion plans in the Middle East.

Channel Post (CP): Please give a brief overview about your company.
Ambarish Gupta (AG): Knowlarity is a cloud communications provider in emerging markets. With our flagship product, SuperReceptionist we offer a host of business cloud communication solutions like virtual pbx, virtual phone systems, etc.

CP: Who can benefit from your solutions?
AG: We are innovating and improvising our products on a continual basis, based on our customers’ requirements in order to meet their demand in a variety of business scenarios, cutting across industry verticals. Our solutions are meaningful to any business that uses telephone as a revenue channel and therefore, both SMEs and Enterprises can benefit from it.

CP: Which industry verticals are you currently present in the Middle East?
AG: At present, we have a strong presence in the real estate industry, in e-commerce, food tech and in the classified/listings sectors. Primarily our customers would typically be service companies, products or services where a consultative sale is required, companies with a large distributed sales force, companies with a large distributed customer community, companies with CRM/helpdesk, and so on.

CP: Which verticals are you looking at for growth in Middle East? Which verticals translate into maximum revenue for you?
AG: We are currently in the process of expanding in the Middle East and see the potential for implementation of our products and solutions in a large number of different verticals. Where we see maximum prospects are in education, healthcare, banking and hospitality.

CP: Can you elaborate on your expansion strategy in Middle East?
AG: We have aggressive plans for the region and intend to extensively grow our reach in the Middle East with the support of channel partners. In this regard, we are in process of recruiting channel partners and initially plan to appoint 25 partners across the region which will help us gain more than 100 FoS (feet on street). In order to maximize business prospects and ensure complete exposure of our solutions to the market we carefully select our partners. One of the main requirements that we look for in our partnership with any channel partner is their domain expertise like telcom enterprise sales, system integration, B2B sales organisations, Google Partners, CRM companies, digital marketing agencies etc.

CP: Do you plan to have offices in Middle East?
AG: Currently, we have company representatives who are leading the business in Middle East. And, yes we plan to set up our base in the region as well as expand our team to support our growing business.

CP: What is your go-to-market strategy?
AG: Knowlarity operates through both online and offline channels. Our strong digital presence allows our prospective clients to not only understand our products and solutions but also to experience our offerings through demo videos.
Our offline Channel Sales Partners are located across the globe, and get access to Knowlarity’s product portfolio and customer support which helps them grow their business manifold. These partnerships help both our partners and us in addressing the growing demand for SaaS communications services globally thereby enabling Knowlarity to expand its footprint and deepen market penetration in both enterprise and SME/SMB landscape through leveraging the partners’ strong networks.