eHDF and Symantec Discuss Cyber Security Issues

eHDF and Symantec recently hosted a cyber security seminar titled ‘Stay Ahead of Cyber Security Threats’ in Dubai. At this seminar senior representatives from eHDF and Symantec shared insights on the regional threat landscape. The seminar highlighted the increasing popularity of managed security services, securing enterprise applications and the need for advanced cloud security services through a Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) solution, among others.

yasser-zeineldin-ehosting-datafort-addressing-the-audience“The threat landscape in the Middle East is rapidly evolving as a result of the increased sophistication of cybercrimes across the globe. In fact, cybercrime has become a heavily globalized industry, with many attacks happening across borders via the internet. Cyber security threats remain the biggest challenge for organisations today. Internet facing and mobile enabled applications, along with the fast adoption of Cloud services have complicated things further,” stated Yasser Zeineldin, CEO of eHosting DataFort.

In a survey conducted to track various trends in the region, eHDF discovered that 17% indicated an interest in managed data loss prevention, 17% in cloud security and 33% in SIEM in 2017. Also 25% and 33% respondents also indicated interest in advanced threat protection and mobile security respectively.

“From a security point of view, organisations now have to manage these expanded environments as well as secure what is known in the industry as ‘Shadow IT’. ‘Shadow IT’ is essentially end user driven, cloud based IT environments that do not pass through the rigorous scrutiny of the IT and security teams as it is procured directly by the end users,” he continued.

With cyber threats becoming sophisticated, security standards even more complex and IT budgets shrinking further, organisations are forced to look for cost-effective solutions, and managed security services fits the bill perfectly, stressed Yasser. “With this seminar, we wanted to educate our customers about the evolving threat landscape, share how they can secure their data on the cloud and how we can help them secure and manage these environments through round-the-clock managed security services.”