Sàvant Data Systems Outs Advanced Shopping Solutions

Sàvant Data Systems (SDS), a leading retail intelligence provider for UAE’s retail, shopping, banking and commercial sectors, partners with Dubai-based shopping and retail conglomerate Aswaaq to better the retail experience of shoppers in the UAE through intelligent and innovative shopping solutions.

The SDS and Aswaaq partnership will implement various technology integrated systems including People Counting Platform that enables businesses to make strategic decision on a day-to-day basis to improve sales, monitor, marketing campaigns and control overhead operational costs. It will also include predictive real-time analytics that will boost the marketing performance of the store from gaining visibility and control, to achieving transparency, efficiency, and customer engagement on marketing campaigns and product placement and data analysis which are an essential function of the industry.

SDS offers integrated solutions known as the solid omni-channel strategy which involves analyzing shopper behaviour, providing them relevant information promptly, empowering the organization to take swift and effective decisions.

Vic Bageria, Chief Executive Officer of SDS, said: “This is a positive milestone for SDS as our collaboration with Aswaaq goes to reaffirm the message we are conveying – that businesses need to adapt to the changing of the consumers’ dominant mindset and integrate the technologies available widely to keep up with the market trends. The retail sector is a data-intensive industry. The tools available to store, manage and analyze, this data is still evolving, but data analytics is becoming an indispensable part of operating the sector.”

SDS aims to offer the most advanced technology to serve the growing retail sector of the country. In 2015, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that the Emirate’s retail has grown to a market size of $35.4 billion sustaining an annual growth rate of 3.5%. This year, Dubai Chamber expects an expansion of 7.7% in retail activity across Dubai.

Bageria also commented: “Retailers are increasingly turning to real-time reporting and analysis of sales performance data to determine consumer trends, so they can better target pricing and marketing strategies to reflect consumer behavior. As we maintain our relevant position in the UAE’s retail sector, our commitment and focus is on the people counting platform running parallel to the vision and direction of Innovation Week to deliver and educate the most cost-effective and pro-creative innovations for businesses to implement new technology in their stores.”

SDS and Aswaaq partnership coincides with the government’s UAE Innovation Week initiative by showcasing how digitalization has taken over and provided ease to the retail shopping experience in supermarkets using advanced technologies.