Seagate Showcases The Guardian Series at Event for Tech Enthusiasts

seagate-guardian-seriesSeagate Technologies recently showcased its re-branded hard drive range introducing a new product line, The Guardian Series at an event in Dubai. The event highlighted the performances of the Barracuda Pro, FireCuda and IronWolf, with real-time demonstrations. The Guardian Series includes Barracuda drives, Firecuda, IronWolf and the SkyHawk drives, all meant for different kinds of drive usage.

The 3.5 inch Barracuda Pro provides versatile storage and comes with the highest capacities for desktops and mobile computers. With drives up to 10 TB, the Barracuda Pro offers 7,200-RPM spin speeds for faster load times when gaming or performing heavy workloads. Backed with a 5-year warranty the Barracuda Pro makes for much faster file transfer with improved read and write performance.

Seagate targets the gamers, creative professionals and PC enthusiasts with its 2 TB FireCuda. According to Seagate the FireCuda drives will make deleting games and files for disk space a thing of the past as you can store up to 80 games with the 2 TB version. The differentiating aspect of the FireCuda, as per Seagate is their NAND flash technology that caches data from frequently used sectors to enable faster boot times and shorter load times for certain applications. Seagate claims that you can store up to 40 games per TB (at 25 GB per game) with the 2 TB FireCuda hard drives.


Seagate also offers the The IronWolf portfolio for everything NAS It is built with AgileArray that focuses on drive balance, RAID optimization and power management for the best NAS experience possible. These drives are suitable for small business owners and creative professionals as well.

All customers purchasing the Baracuda Pro and IronWolf Pro get this service automatically embedded for two years, expandable to 3-4 yrs for a premium. “Seagate’s Rescue Services is a disaster recovery service that provides global coverage.” said Ibrahim Mneimne (Sales Leader MENA). At the event he also emphasized that Seagate has its own rescue service stations that guarantee 99% success rate and the service of lost data retrieval that usually costs in the vicinity of AED 5000 is provided for free with these drives.

After purchase, to avail Seagate’s Recovery Service, users can access their drive to be automatically guided to an app for registration and then will be covered for 2 years.