CMCS Secures Exclusive Partnership with Capital Construction Solutions

cmcsCollaboration, Management, and Control Solutions (CMCS), the leading in Project Management Information Systems and PMWeb Collaborative Project Management Solution developer and solution partner, has announced that it will be the exclusive representative of Capital Construction Solutions, LLC (CCS) in the Middle East, Africa, and India.  CCS provides mobile interactive cloud-based analytics for the built environment.

“By exploiting safety, design and construction informatics and employing platforms built using SMAC technologies, CCS is able to lead E&C, business owners, manufacturers, insurance companies and government agencies in transforming themselves into active knowledge transfer learning organizations,” said the company in a statement.

Bassam Al Samman, CEO, CMCS, said: “Safety has always been important, but with the danger and complexity of new construction projects, safety is a critical element of every project delivered in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The comprehensive risk, knowledge-based and associated analytics of the CCS Safety Module is generations beyond anything that exists in the marketplace today.  Using a transparent mobile approach to get information to all employees transcends any communication that has been used in the construction industry to date.”

“We at CMCS are excited about joining CCS as a Regional Partner solely on what we have seen in the approach to Safety.  However, their plan to apply this technology and knowledge transfer approach to other aspects of a project such as inspection, project risk, startup, commissioning, turnover, closeout, just to name a few, gives CMCS the potential to be part of developing and distributing a revolutionary tool that will benefit our customers and industry as a whole, like no other tool has in decades,” Al Samman added.

Cory Davis, CEO of CCS, commented: “With Bassam Al Samman’s leadership as founder and CEO; CMCS has become a leader in the strategic implementation of project management control systems and the relentless training of individuals to better the Engineering and Construction Environment.”

CMCS has served over 2,500 clients in more than 40 countries over the past 30 years in the region.  In just the last 10 years, it has executed over 3750 projects and trained more than 15,000 professionals. “Most importantly for CCS, CMCS believes in the knowledge based community and making the evolutions of the built environment a more positive experience. This is what makes them an ideal partner for CCS,” concluded Davis.