Gigamon to Showcase its Latest Security Solutions at GITEX 2016

Trevor Dearing, the EMEA Marketing Director at Gigamon.
Trevor Dearing, the EMEA Marketing Director at Gigamon.

Trevor Dearing, the EMEA Marketing Director at Gigamon speaks about his company’s participation at GITEX 2016

Are you participating at GITEX Shopper or GITEX Technology Week this year?
Once again Gigamon will participate at GITEX Technology Week and we will be exhibiting along with our distributor, Redington in Hall 3 Stand C3 – 1. Gigamon’s key offering this year at GITEX will be the Unified Visibility Fabric and the expanded the set of solutions within the Visibility Fabric that addresses the growing security needs of organizations.

These new solutions include modules to address inline traffic security with high availability modes, as well as intelligent load distribution across multiple inline and out-of-band security tools. All of these security solutions depend on getting a relevant, consistent and accurate stream of traffic data, which is where Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric will provide a comprehensive and sophisticated security services delivery platform that addresses the stringent traffic delivery needs along with the resiliency and uptime requirements for continuous security management.

Given the complexity in today’s infrastructure, it is important that the fabric provides visibility into physical, virtual, remote sites as well as emerging SDN/NFV infrastructure as a single unified fabric with a common management and policy model, rather than as a set of disjoint nodes. Advanced threats require more sophisticated tools, but these specialized security tools are often processor bound and may not be able to handle increasing traffic volumes as effectively. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric establishes a more efficient system by sending only the appropriate data to each tool. In addition, the Visibility Fabric continuously monitors the health of the attached inline tools and in the event of a tool failure will bypass the outage to ensure the network remains available and protected.

We will also showcase the industry’s first security delivery platform – GigaSECURE connects into the network, both physical and virtual, and can be configured to deliver traffic to all of the applications that require it. The GigaSECURE platform supports a wide variety of security solutions that can sit outside of the production network as well as other security initiatives as well as other security initiatives.

What is your theme going to be for GITEX Technology Week?
Gigamon’s theme this year at GITEX is going to be around the the current meme of ‘urban camouflage’ which is the perfect metaphor for today’s cybercriminals – who attempt to disguise their malware as ordinary data and hope that it can stay undetected for months or years at a time. To defend against today’s advanced threats, IT organizations will require real-time visibility across their entire IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual, and cloud environments. In short, they need a security delivery platform.

What technology and market trends have you seen this year on the Middle East market?
Today, organizations around the world are fighting a growing enemy – and losing. Cybercriminals have breached almost every major corporation and government department and despite our defenses, they are not just getting through, they are staying undetected for longer. As leaders in business and government, it’s time for us to fight smarter, and together. With data dispersed across the infrastructure, IT organizations struggle to manage, analyze, and secure their networks. Conventional security strategies just aren’t working against today’s cybercriminals. Today’s market requires enterprises to have the power of network visibility.

Will you be launching any new products or solutions at GITEX this year?
Yes, Gigamon will be launching a new proudut at GITEX this year. The product will extend the range and affordability of the visibility fabric making it more accessable to more customers.

What sort of channel engagements have you planned for GITEX?
Gigamon will be working directly with partners and our local distributor to help our partners to grow their revenue through training and business development activities. We will have our EMEA channel team with us to meet and plan with our top channel partners. We choose our partners to be the best in the region and work with them to deliver maximum value. Sometimes there will be new opportunities not covered by our existing channel where we may look to recruit new partners.

How does GITEX Technology Week fit into your overall regional strategies?
GITEX Technology Week is the region’s biggest and most influential technology exhibition and one of the most important events in Gigamon’s calendar. GITEX Technology Week is really important for companies like Gigamon in developing markets as it allows us to meet with key decision makers and to inform the market on the areas we focus on.