Saudi Xerox implements community program

SaudiXerox_Eastern Region initiative 2_2015Saudi Xerox, a joint venture between Olayan and Xerox Corp, recently implemented a community and sustainability program that took part in three different regions of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to give back to the local public.

“Saudi Xerox prides itself on placing a high value of importance on its responsibility towards society by actively promoting environment sustainability and giving back to the community. It is this sense of responsibility that has encouraged the Saudi Xerox to run a series of initiatives in collaboration with KSA based NGOs.” said, Reem Al Bakry, Deputy General Manager, Marketing at Saudi Xerox.

The Saudi Xerox team were challenged to come up with initiatives that could help give back to the community and the people they serve. The three selected initiatives, served as a platform to spread awareness about sustainability as well as sensitive issues such as children with special needs and their ongoing struggle to gain societal acceptance.

In Riyadh, the Saudi Xerox team partnered with a local orphanage and organized a fun filled day of games, activities, food and gifts for the children. The team dedicated a generous amount of their time to the children, to make their day brighter and happier.

Saudi Xerox also teamed up with a charitable body Irteqa Charity Committee that donates used computers to those less fortunate and organized a sustainability driven initiative in the Eastern province. A number of usable computers were donated to the organization to ensure no PC goes to waste, highlighting Xerox’s stance on sustainability. The non-usable devices were also distributed to an outsourced organization that handles the recycling of usable parts.

SaudiXerox_Eastern Region initiative 1_2015In the western region, the Saudi Xerox team celebrated Saudi National Day for children with special needs. The team took the initiative to spread awareness about children with special needs, their conditions and ongoing struggle to be accepted by society.

“The Saudi Xerox team is very happy and proud to be part of this programme as it really helps us to contribute to the betterment of the society, which has always been among our main goals. It also brings us a step closer to our customers who are constantly engaged in such initiatives in the region. We believe that these initiatives are just the beginning and we hope to continue with this programme,” adds Bakry.