Philips Monitors unveils USB Docking Stand

Philips Monitors, launched its new innovation, Philips USB Docking Stand, that users simply attach their notebook via USB cable, and lock their preferred VESA-compliant display into place, enabling easy access to all the office peripherals and the Internet via a single, superfast USB 3.0 connection.

Philips SB4B1928UB_CPThe brand-new Philips SB4B1928UB USB Docking Stand consists of a stylish, ergonomic stand that users can pair with a new Philips display of their choice, or any display they already have, provided it is VESA-compliant (100 x 100 hole pattern). With support for screens from 19 to 28 inches, the new docking stand gives users greater flexibility for choosing (and swapping) displays.

The stand is a good fit for the latest ultra-thin notebooks preferred by mobile business professionals who work at multiple locations. Offsetting the major drawback of the lighter thinner notebooks – their limited choice of connectors – the new docking stand provides an integrated USB 3.0 hub and Ethernet.

The stand gives users the freedom to select the display size, resolution and technology best suited to their applications – up to the dazzling clarity of fine 4K UHD resolution with its 3840 x 2160 pixels. And if one display isn’t enough, users can plug up to six monitors into the docking stand via HDMI, DisplayPort and USB – all still with just one USB cable between the docking stand and notebook. This is an easy way to create a clutter-free multi-monitor workspace for increased productivity.

With the Philips SmartErgoBase design, the stand can be raised or lowered, tilted, swivelled and rotated to put the display in exactly the right position for the user. The low bezel-to-table height ensures maximum reading comfort, particularly for wearers of bifocals, trifocals or progressive lens glasses. And even though the stand, with its single USB 3.0 cable hookup, eliminates most of the cable tangle from desks, it also features extra cable management abilities to keep the workspace neat and professional.