R&M analyzer solution to monitor large data networks

R&M_LogoR&M, expanding the capabilities of R&MinteliPhy automated infrastructure management system with the inclusion of additional displays that makes it now possible to control even more plug connections from an R&MinteliPhy analyzer, making the previous limit of 2000 ports redundant. The expansion means that analyzer uses fewer IP addresses than before, allowing the system itself to monitor large data networks.

“The additional displays enable alarm messages and instructions to be displayed in each network cabinet, irrespective of whether they are fitted with an analyzer or not. Cabling faults can therefore be localized even faster. Technicians receive information about patching the patch cable exactly where it is needed.” Previously, information could only be displayed in the cabinet in which the analyzer itself was installed. said, Reinhard Burkert, Product Manager at R&M.

The R&MinteliPhy analyzer is a component for 19″ cabinets. The device has a rack height unit (1U) and the consumption is 1.8 watts. It monitors the operating status of all assigned ports and sends real-time monitoring data to the R&MinteliPhy server. The analyzer displays error messages and patching instructions. With the new additional display, this information is also available in other network cabinets controlled by the same analyzer.

R&MinteliPhy is a system for automated infrastructure management (AIM) in Data Centers and local data networks which allows every link to be monitored continually. A central server records the cabling status from a distance and at remote locations too. Its functions include the management, analysis, and planning of the cabling. This also allows the layout of networks, distributors, computer rooms, or company networks to be visualized and then combined with building plans or geographical site information.

The analeyzer automatically generates connection plans if new computers are integrated into the network or plug connections are changed. Unused patch panels and free active device ports can be detected immediately. This information improves the way in which the infrastructure is used, thereby increasing the profitability of the network or Data Center. It supports the planning of work procedures. Parts lists for cabling or for network expansion can also be generated automatically, as can work orders for installers or cable labels according to a predefined labeling scheme.