Al Falak partners CorreLog for Saudi Arabia

Al Falak LogoSaudi Arabia based Al Falak, partnered with CorreLog to offer cloud based IT security event management, offering software systems and automation solutions to the financial sector.

CorreLog’s flagship product CorreLog Server delivers log management and event log correlation with automated help-desk ticketing and reporting functions into a standard web browser. CorreLog Server operates across Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM z/OS and Linux on IBM System platforms.

Al Falak expects that with this partnership it will be able to meet the functionality demands of large local banks, but at a affordable cost and also ease of use.

CorreLog Server contains the core functionality to implement full SIEM capability for an enterprise. This 100% web-based system contains high-speed message collector, indexed search engine, extensible dashboard facility, reporting facility, ticket facility, and unique correlation engine.

Within the finance sector, CorreLog Server can manage data within compliance standards set forth by PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry standards. CorreLog Server is capable of processing more than 2,000 syslog messages per second and can handle burst traffic of more than 10,000 messages per second, while consuming minimal system resources.