Cyberoam Academy coming to Uganda soon

The ever-expanding Cyberoam is positioning itself to rollout training programs under the Cyberoam Academy for its channel partners and users in Uganda.

Ctberoam's Business Development Manager Kalpesh Maheshwari explains a point during the Net Natter in Kampala, Uganda on Wednesday.
Ctberoam’s Business Development Manager Kalpesh Maheshwari explains a point during the Net Natter in Kampala, Uganda on Wednesday.

This was revealed this week during the Cyberoam Net Natter conference held in Kampala for Cyberoam users in the country.

Cyberoam’s Business Development Manager for East and West Africa Mr. Kalpesh Maheshwari made the assurance as participants of the Net Natter demanded for accreditation to start Cyberoam Academy in Uganda.

The interested parties include private Universities based in Uganda’s capital Kampala who said they had requested to join the program but had not heard from Cyberoam eversince last year. While it has been in Uganda since 2009, Cyberoam is a relatively new IT security product in the Ugandan market. The Net Natter participants agreed that IT security is an even bigger issue in the country.

In response, Mr. Maheshawri explained to the participants at the Net Natter 2015 that: “Honestly, because of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Cyberoam Academy team had to delay,” jetting into Africa.

He however explained that Cyberoam had already started to sign up various institutions in Kenya and Tanzania and Uganda was going to be the next.

Richard Kagoda a presales engineer with Mart Networks Ltd., Cyberoam’s Distributor in Uganda, explained that they had so far lined up four institutions in Uganda to start offering Cyberoam Academy certification courses. He revealed that, currently only University of Technology and Management in Uganda (UTAMU) is currently offering the courses.

“It will take some time. But by the end of this year, we will have four to five universities,” Kagoda assured the participants.

The Net Natter is a special event through which Cyberoam gets to introduce new products and exchange ideas with their clients in various markets.

The Manager of Mobile Computers Mr. Semu nsibriwa, an enthusiatic prospective reseller, who happened to attend the Net Natter 2015 got excited at the possibilities of having to get onboard with Cyberoam. He asked several questions about the product and got encouraging answers from Maheshwari. They later exchanged business cards as he vowed to sign up.

During the Net Natter presentations, participants got learn that Cyberoam had now become “A Sophos Company” and it had achieved the EAL4+ certification. They got informed that Cyberoam had launched the Next Generation Firewall Appliances, Lanuched intergration with ICS and Scada systems, Connectwise (a leading provider for managed Services), and also that Cyberoam had launched it’s Firmware 10.6.X which now had 60 new features including IPv6 security, Plug-n-Play IPS pre-configured, Virtual security for the KVM platform, BYOD visibility, URL database import mechanism, iOS client, Cyberoam API and zone-based application reports.