New professional monitor from Philips

Philips 272P4A_Adobe_RGB_side viewPhilips Monitors, launched its new 27-inch IPS-AHVA display with factory-calibrated color support across the Adobe RGB color space giving professional users the confidence that the colors on the display are consistent with industry standards for color precision throughout the entire production workflow.

The company targets the graphic design, geophysical exploration, digital prepress and post-production by offering uniformity and critical accuracy with this new monitor.

“Having a color standard is like speaking the same language,” says Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA at MMD. “Professional users need to be certain their display speaks the same color language as their printers and other devices in the workflow. The new Philips LCD display renders colors with unfailing accuracy every time.”

Pre-calibrated to render colors accurately, the new monitor supports 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB color space, eliminating the process of matching colors across multiple devices. Moreover, with six-axis adjustment, PerfektKolor enables the display colors to be fine-tuned to precise requirements.

Using 10 bits to describe each color, the new 27-inch display can represent over one billion colors simultaneously resulting images are smooth and natural, without gradations or color banding.

With SmartUniformity metrics, the display auto-adjusts to compensate for these differences, and delivers average luminance uniformity in excess of 95% – vital for consistency in color-critical applications such as photography and scientific imaging.

The 272P4APJKHB is powered by Philips Flicker-Free Technology to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience.