Lafeada launches new metal power bank series

Lafeada, specialize maker of mobile and tablet accessories is launching a new Power bank series which provide the suitable energy for the devices when it’s needed. The new series mainly guided for smart phones and tablets. Also it can recharge many different devices such digital cameras, MP3/MP4 and PSP, moreover recharge for any device support recharging by 1.0/2.1/3.0A current.

The new series comes with a stylish beautiful touch in elegant design and useful features, the metal surface helping to dissipate the heat during the device working or recharging, and supporting touch screen with 4 LED lights working as an indicator of the saving power in the power bank. The series consists of two models different in specification and thickness, but generally they come in same out shape design.

Safari-4500 (2)

Safari 4500, this the first model comes with 4500 mAh battery and ultra-slim thickness, exactly like the ultra-slim smart phone. It’s designed to recharge the Smartphones, portable music MP3/MP4, PSP devices and any other device support recharging by 1.0 ampere current.

The other model called Safari 9000, it comes with 9000 mAh battery size and compatible with all recharging devices including tablets. Safari 9000 delivers the power through two USB ports, the first port offer 1.0A current, while the other port offering 2.1A up to 3.1A current amper for tablet devices.

Safari 9000 thicker than Safari 4500 a little bit. Both products featured with touch screen include 4 LED lights working as a power indicator to check the battery current capacity by pressing and hold for 2 sec. The products will be available across the region through GCT and its partners.