Dubai Computer Group hosts banking seminar

Dubai’s computer IT trade association, Dubai Computer Group (DCG), held a banking and finance seminar for its members on 16th February, 2014. The association, which comes under the purview of Dubai Chamber, held the seminar at Panorama Grand Hotel on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Dubai, UAE.

DCGThe banking and finance event was held in association with Vianta Advisors JLT, founded by Vikram Venkataraman, a seasoned corporate and SME banker, with over 35 years banking experience. The event’s agenda was to address DCG members, in order to clear up the issues on banking finance.

At the event, Venkataraman spoke about common myths regarding the banking industry in UAE and the Middle East in general. He also touched upon topics related to common fears on obtaining banking finance, the way forward for companies that do not maintain proper books of accounts, how IT traders can benefit from financing options in UAE, the market scenario as a whole when it comes to financing, and differences between banking finance and Islamic banking finance.

According to Shailendra Rughwani, the President at DCG, the event was one of the many in a series of events, the association has planned for the year ahead. Rughwani added that the association has also gone ahead and planned for one-to-one financial consulting for its interested members, free of cost. The consulting sessions, Rughwani said, will help DCG’s members to better assess their financial needs, find out the state of their book-keeping and accounting practices and obtain proper financing at better interest rates from banks in the UAE.