Technology to play ‘central role’ in preparing for Dubai Expo 2020

IT firms are congratulating the UAE on winning the Expo 2020 en masse. Executives are, no doubt, rubbing their hands together in glee, with the event expected to attract more than 25 million visitors and create approximately one quarter of a million jobs.

Expo 2020Past expos have presented new technologies as an integral part of the preparations and of the event itself. Broadcast television, the X-ray machine and diesel engine have all made their debut at expos in the years gone by.

“Technology will play a key part in Dubai’s plans and Oracle will continue to support the emirate strategically. This is a great achievement for Dubai and the wider Middle East region. The expo will have important benefits for the country, generating  $36.7 billion for the UAE economy,” says Alfonso di Ianni, senior vice-president at Oracle East Central Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Oracle has provided services to businesses across Dubai and the UAE for more than 20 years and di Ianni believes that the emirate is in an increasingly strong position to achieve its smart city ambitions.

“Many of Oracle’s customers have already committed to aligning themselves with the smart city objectives; we are confident that Oracle will be able to continue providing solutions for private and public sector entities across Dubai,” he adds.

Other smaller tech firms are also poised to benefit from the win and are adding their congratulations to the victor.

“This giant step demonstrates that Dubai has, once again, highlighted its regional leadership and is evidence of its constant support for global, social and economic development,” says Omar Alsaied, general manager Saudi Arabia and Middle East carriers’ sales director at Ciena.

“A massive event of this scale that is expecting to attract 25 million visitors will require huge technological investment to accommodate so many participants, not to mention the network demands as they share their experiences of Expo 2020. We look forward to supporting and contributing to the technological innovations that will undoubtedly be showcased as Dubai hosts the event,” concludes Alsaied.