NetApp introduces new flash array and performance-optimized enterprise storage systems

NetApp has introduced two new hardware platforms and updated a third to address the broad performance requirements of data-intensive applications.

  • The new NetApp EF550 flash array, which delivers high performance and consistent low latency for business-critical applications for which responsiveness and enterprise reliability are critical
  • The new NetApp E2700 for small remote/branch offices requiring optimal price/performance
  • The updated NetApp E5500 for performance, density, and modular flexibility for the widest range of data-intensive workloads

By offering the broadest and most complete flash portfolio in the industry, NetApp maximizes the value of flash across the entire compute, network, and storage stack, improving efficiency and accelerating business-critical application performance. Every workload is different; that’s why NetApp’s broad portfolio of hybrid and all-flash arrays allows customers to create an optimal solution. The company has shipped over 60PB of flash storage to date.

George Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Operations, NetApp.
George Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Operations, NetApp.

George Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Operations, NetApp, said: “Our product innovation strategy is to deliver the industry’s leading portfolio of cloud-integrated and flash-accelerated storage and data management solutions. These solutions satisfy our customers’ needs for their multiple workloads and deployment models — either dedicated or as part of a shared infrastructure. By expanding our EF-Series all-flash arrays and E-Series platforms we are meeting growing market demand for dense, performance-oriented architectures and delivering superior performance, reliability, efficiency and scale.”

The new platform releases continue to execute against the storage industry’s most innovative roadmap, which recently included NetApp’s unveiling of a comprehensive strategy for cloud integration. As organizations turn to hybrid cloud environments to optimize costs, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks, NetApp is providing its clustered Data ONTAP platform for seamless cloud management across any blend of private and public cloud resources.

Already more than 175 cloud service providers deliver cloud services built on Data ONTAP. IDC named NetApp Data ONTAP as the world’s number-one branded storage operating system.

EF550 Flash Array
The NetApp EF550 is a trusted platform that keeps business operations running by delivering business results faster and improving the customer experience. The EF550 delivers consistent, predictable, submillisecond response times to accelerate the latency-sensitive applications responsible for driving revenue, productivity, and/or customer satisfaction on a day-in, day-out basis.

Key applications include database, VDI, and web services. The EF550’s scale-up architecture provides more data access to low-latency performance while remote replication enables business-critical application to be fully protected at a remote site.

Operational costs are dramatically lowered with the EF550 due to the elimination of overprovisioning. In fact, a single EF550 is able to match the performance of two full racks of traditional spinning drives. This results in significant savings of space, power, and cooling.

The NetApp E-Series leads in innovation with Dynamic Disk Pools, Intelligent Cache Tiering with SSD Cache, the NetApp AutoSupport tool, remote replication in a simple array, and the latest release of 12G SAS. The E-Series is part of the NetApp portfolio of block-based, performance optimized storage.

Easily scalable by design, the E-Series is for workloads requiring 99.999% reliability and consistently high performance.

The E2700 offers simple and flexible management, allowing IT staff to focus on adding business value versus managing storage. IT departments can add storage capacity as their organizations grow without reconfiguring running applications.

By introducing 12G SAS, the E2700 dramatically accelerates application performance for price/performance value. Seamless operations with seamless application integration meet the demands of any application environment with the support of fabric controller (FC), Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI), and SAS.

The performance-efficient E5500 expands enterprise data protection with the SANtricity suite of data replication features and flexible interface offerings with 10G iSCSI and 16G FC, in addition to SAS and IB. With NetApp AutoSupport, users have enterprise monitoring and installed-base analytics for proactive operations. The E5500 scales to 1.5PB per system for data-intensive storage at scale.

In 2013, NetApp discussed its vision to provide seamless data management and control across a blend of private and public cloud resources. By harnessing the versatility and efficiency of Data ONTAP, NetApp now delivers a universal data platform, enabling dynamic data portability and extensive customer choice across private cloud, public cloud service provider, and hyperscale cloud provider options.

NetApp has more than 175 cloud service providers delivering over 300 cloud services built on Data ONTAP. It is the first and only major storage supplier building an ecosystem around a private storage solution for Amazon Web Services and was recognized as the Private Cloud Partner of the Year by Microsoft.

In addition, the # 1 integrated infrastructure platform, FlexPod, from Cisco and NetApp is a proven platform for service providers and enterprises. FlexPod is deployed across multiple data centers and integrates on-premise private clouds with secure public clouds.

With a customer-centric approach that strikes the right balance between technology and business needs, NetApp solves the inherent data management challenges of a hybrid IT environment, helping customers realize the true benefits of the cloud.