EMT Distribution will launch partner programme in Q1 2014

Channel Post MEA speaks to Mohammad Mobasseri, the CEO of EMT Distribution, about the company’s strategies ahead.

Mohammad Mobasseri, CEO, EMT Distribution
Mohammad Mobasseri, CEO, EMT Distribution

Which products and solutions does EMT Distribution deal in?
In terms of products and solutions, we represent Kaspersky, Secunia, 2x Networks, Altaro, Secunia, Catbird, IKARUS, Infowatch, ESET, and so on. Our range of solutions include a whole gamut of virtualisation, cloud and security solutions such as Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus, Backup, Content Filtering, Content Security, Email Content Filtering, Endpoint Lockdown & Protection, IM & P2P Control, Remote Software, Risk Assessment, and URL Filtering Software.

We focus on three key technology verticals – virtualizaion, cloud, and security. The solutions we are offering are based on these focus areas. When we speak to our customers, we realise that one of the main challenges for them is to prevent leakage of confidential information – either by chance or by choice.

Although companies in this region have solutions such as firewall, antivirus, and so on in place, their IT and security policies are not properly developed and followed. Hence, we try to address those challenges through deployment of the solutions we offer through our channel community.

What is your current focus area, post your appointment at EMT Distribution?
My objectives at EMT Distribution is to understand the challenges partners face. By end of this year, I plan to use the time to speak to our partners and find out their concerns. Our key channel strategies will be to recruit channel partners during the rest of 2013.

In addition, I will be working closely with our partners to enhance our partner program so we are able to satisfy our partners and serve them in the best possible way.

We are also adding new vendors to our product portfolio and we will be looking at developing channel partners in various countries in the Middle East and Africa region. We have a comprehensive channel community in the GCC region and we plan to get more channel partners for Levant and Africa markets.

How important is the African market for EMT Distribution?
The African market is very important for EMT Distribution’s growth in the region. The African market has changed a lot over the past few years and we now see demand for newer products and technologies.

While most companies in Africa follow the latest technology trends, the sales process is a bit slower than other countries in the Middle East and Africa region. It takes a bit more time for them to process the importance of products. Having said that however, the African market is growing and hence we also plan to channel our efforts in North Africa to develop our channel community in that market.

Which markets does the Dubai office look after?
EMT Distribution’s Dubai office currently covers the entire Middle East and Africa. Gradually, once we see the potential in a market in this region, we will open another operation there and get on-board more human resources to sustain our operations.

When do you plan to launch your new partner programme?
We will be launching our new partner programme in Q1 of 2014. Most of the things have been finalised so far – we also have to consider the vendor partner programmes which are being offered separately to ensure there is no overlap in what we offer. We will also be launching our Partner Advantage program along with the new partner programme.