New Mio DVR with GPS tracking and Speedcam locator

Mio MiVue 388
Mio MiVue 388

Pioneers in DVR technology, Mio today unveiled its most advanced Full HD 1080p G-Sensor Combined Driving Video Recorder & Speed Camera Locator, Mio MiVue 388 in Middle East region.

Mio MiVue 388 is equipped with Full HD, H.264 Compression Technology to record videos at highest possible quality. It is fitted with a revolving mounting cradle that allows the driver to rotate the video camera at 360° to adjust the focus in any direction.

Powered by Built-in 3-axis G-shock sensor, the wide-angle camera with 120˚ view angle captures the images without blind spot. The Full HD 1080p, with the latest H.264 technology for capturing details at a smaller file size while it requires at the lowest possible.

Michelle Huang, Senior Manager of oversea sales Dep. of Mio Technology, said, “We are glad to introduce MiVue 388, the world’s most advance DVR in Middle East. The new DVR boosts features like GPS Tracking, Speed Camera Locator, Rotating design, which have been highly appreciated by the end users in several countries across the globe such as in Russia and Taiwan. We believe that this feature rich DVR can bring more benefits than just safety or protection to the customers in Middle East region”.

The new lens filter, greatly reduce the issue of glaring from the sunlight by absorbing the reflection and provides clearer images with no glares. Advanced Optics High-quality camera lens with enhanced low-light sensitivity deliver brighter, sharper images in daylight or night.

Speedcam function is the most interesting feature in this new DVR, which allows a driver to drive confidently as the device sends play alert sounds and the visual warning when approaching the speed camera along the road. The device is equipped with accurate data with free updates available from community-edited database.

The new DVR is integrated with GPS Receiver Track the routes on Google Maps wherever the driver goes. The built-in highly sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records the driving information in the video, including speed, altitude, longitude, latitude & heading. The user can also display the location on Google Maps when they playback the video. The tracking feature is also useful for commercial and fleet drivers as it allows drivers to track their routes.

Marwan Khawaja, IT Business Unit – General Manager, International Marketing Services, said, “Mio MiVue 388 is the most advanced in-vehicle digital video recorder designed to provide comprehensive visual documentation of everything that happens on the road. Features, like GPS Tracking and Speedcam locator can help drivers in Middle East to navigate much better with roads and locate places in desert with ease. We believe that MiVue388 is one product that every driver should have in his/her car for both extra safety and fun.”

Mio MiVue 388 is priced at AED 749 and comes with one year warranty. International Marketing Services (IMS) is the authorised distributor for Mio products in the region.