Sophos offers new security suites for partners

Sophos recently introduced three new security suites; Web Protection, Data Protection and Complete Security for its partner the tools they need to help their clients address the evolving security challenges IT departments are facing due the consumerisation of IT, the rise of advanced persistent threats, and an increase in malware.

The Complete Security Suites combine key functions like endpoint, data and web and email protection, along with mobile device management and protection for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

The new offerings give partners a competitive edge in the industry—one vendor, one license, ease of management and deployment. And the array of market-leading solutions creates even more secure environments for their clients at a greater value.

The Complete Security Suites will also shorten the sales cycle for Sophos partners as clients no longer have to evaluate individual solutions in order to solve each security challenge. Instead, they are able to offer solutions that work together—across all points—from a trusted provider.

“We recognise that partners are operating in a competitive environment, so they need tools that will help them meet their clients’ demands for stronger security systems. We have built this complete security system for IT because IT teams shouldn’t have to spend time determining which of their point security products is at fault every time they have a problem, only to find that the problem is that the point products don’t work together. With our suites, customers know it’s always Sophos securing them, and they can be confident that they will be backed by both our industry-leading support and our excellent partners.” said John Shaw, vice president product management at Sophos.