Golden Systems hosted a Gaming Tournament

Impulse Ezone, Winners of Counter Strike 1.6

Golden Systems Middle East together with Flamingo Billiards hosted the Counter Strike 1.6 Gaming tournament in Dubai. The tournament was supported by Cooler Master which attracted sixty-five gamers spread in thirteen teams competed with each other.

Impulse Ezone, which included gamers such as whMsy, havoK, sticker, SMASHER and t0ks won the first place at the Counter Strike 1.6 gaming tournament.

“Golden Systems believes in supporting and encouraging local talent from this region to showcase their talents and skills in cyber gaming. Hence we decided to join forces with Flamingo Billiards to host regular gaming competitions to encourage gamers from this region to excel. Our vendor partner, Cooler Master also supported our initiative by sponsoring this event. We were happy with the response we received at this tournament and look forward to organizing more such events in this region,” says Chantelle Tavid, Marketing Communications Manager, Golden Systems Middle East.

Golden Systems displayed Cooler Master’s HAF X cases and Storm Gaming gear including Storm Sniper Case at the event.