AOC launches green WLED Monitor in the region

AOC e2752Vq WLED Monitor

Leading monitor brand, AOC launched e2752Vq, a 27 inches wide screen, energy efficient, eco-friendly, mercury free, cost-effective WLED monitor that cuts down power consumption upto 50% in the Middle East and Africa region.

AOC e2752Vq WLED backlight panel saves the environment, containing no toxic mercury and using only 50% power of traditional CCFL screens. The Ultra-high dynamic contrast of 20,000,000:1 reveals more depth and detail in darker scenes which is perfectly suited for PC Gaming and Home Theatre environment.

The ergonomically designed monitor is slim and streamlined with discreetly concealed control buttons. Digital and power connectors are rear-facing for direct insertion, more convenient than more common downward-pointing ports.

Suchit Kumar, DGM, Sales MENA & CIS Central Asia, AOC says, “With the rise of environment awareness in the society and bigger energy bills, we are glad to launch our e2752Vq, a Green Monitor which saves nearly 50% on power consumption besides offering the best picture quality and sleep looks at the most competitive price in the region.”