Emitac Enterprise Solutions partners with Metasonic

Leading System integrator, Emitac Enterprise Solutions partnered with Metasonic to expand into Business Process Management space by offering the BPM suite based on Subject-Oriented Business Process Management (S-BPM) from Metasonic in the entire region.

Metasonic Suite is well equipped to meet the regional challenges of resilience, just-in-time provision, real time transparency, high ROI,efficiency, effectiveness andcost optimization. The BPM Suite is a strategic solution which brings with it cost savings of at least 75% and impresses all users – both businessand IT – with its simple, flexible process. Without special IT knowledge, the processes and application logic can be tested interactively and executed immediately as a work flow.

“We see great potential for our successful S-BPM solutions, particularly in the rejuvenated economic growth in the Gulf states,” explains Herbert Kindermann, CEO of Metasonic AG. “Expanding our offerings into this growth market was therefore a step in our strategic development. We are convinced that our partnership with Emitac Enterprise Solutions will fetch us the market share we are looking for.”

The agile offering is a complete solution for goal-oriented, transparent process optimization from modeling to integration, which improves cost structures, corresponds optimally to current market requirements and thus creates competitive advantages for companies.

Farrukh Sarfraz, Director Enterprise Business Solutions at Emitac Enterprise Solution says “Efficient process management is extremely important for any business. Organizations these days look out for a quick solution to validate and implement process logic, respond to changes quickly and flexibly while being compliant. The BPM suite from Metasonic is a simple yet powerful solution and could be implemented easily. This partnership with Metasonic only ascertains our effort to offer innovative, cost effective, simple solutions to our customers.”