Exinda embarks on African growth journey

Leading WAN optimisation and application performance management solution provider, Exinda recently embarked on its African growth journey with the opening of an office in South Africa to drive the business in African continent.

Now, it extended its reach in the continental Africa with the appointment two Kenya based resellers Adwest Communications and IntraCom primarily to cover East African market, while, Mauritius based User-Tech Solutions will cater to Indian Ocean islands region.

Alan Rehbock, sales director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Exinda, said “not only are there excellent business opportunities across the region, but also tremendous interest in next-generation WAN optimisation products. Costly and unreliable bandwidth is a common problem in Africa, and companies are looking for ways to control their communications expenses while gaining the full benefit of 21st century WAN optimisation technologies.”

Exinda also appointed an Pan-African value-added distribution (VAD) will be managed by ADS-sas to distribute WAN Optimisation products from Exinda’s portfolio throughout Africa.

“ADS-sas operates across the African continent and has feet on the ground in English, French and Arabic countries, making the language barrier irrelevant,” says Rehbock.