LSI acquires SSD tech major SandForce

Abhi Talwalkar, President and CEO. LSI Corp.

LSI announced the acquisition of the leading provider of flash storage processors for enterprise and client flash solutions and solid state drives (SSDs) SandForce for nearly $322 million.

The acquisition greatly enhances LSI’s competitive position in the fast-growing server and storage PCIe flash adapter market, where the WarpDrive family of products from LSI already uses SandForce flash storage processors. The complementary combination of LSI’s custom capability and SandForce’s standard product offering propels LSI into an industry-leading position in the rapidly growing, high-volume flash storage processor market space for ultrabook, notebook and enterprise SSD and flash solutions.

“Flash-based solutions are critical for accelerating application performance in servers, storage and client devices. Adding SandForce’s technology to LSI’s broad storage portfolio is consistent with our mission to accelerate storage and networking. The acquisition represents a significant, rapidly growing market opportunity for LSI over the next several years.” said Abhi Talwalkar, president and chief executive officer, LSI Corp.