Zservices partners Zajil for Kuwait

Khalifa I. Al Soulah, Managing Director and CEO, Zajil Telecom

Zservices, the provider of local Zscaler cloud security services in the Middle East partnered with the leading  data communication and internet services providers, Zajil in Kuwait to offer Zservices’ cloud-delivered web security solution as a value-added service to its customers. Zservices web and email security SaaS cloud will be physically present at Zajil’s location and will interact with the global Zscalar Cloud infrastructure.

Commenting on the partnership, Khalifa I. Al Soulah, Managing Director and CEO at Zajil Telecom said, “Most of our customers use their internet bandwidth for surfing and it is not uncommon for them to face security risks from web-based malware and other malicious content. By offering Zservices’ cloud based web and email security service to our customers, we can provide them with complete protection against internet security threats”.

Zservices Middle East cloud infrastructure built and powered by Zscaler–the Cloud Security Company–which offers policy-based secure Internet  access for any end-user, on any device, anywhere. Zservices has deployed Zscaler cloud nodes at the most strategic internet points in the Middle East region. This enables the company to offer region-wide web and email cloud services and logging, local traffic termination and end-user data privacy. The infrastructure is built to serve GCC  and Levant Area with local cloud equipment within each country–all interacting globally with Zscaler’s worldwide cloud infrastructure.

“The Zservices Cloud infrastructure is the first Cloud-based web and email security service in the Middle East. The solution is highly scalable and interacts with the Zscalar global cloud infrastructure to protect users from web-based security threats, enforce security and policies and provide real-time reporting. We are highly optimistic about our partnership with Zajil which will enable a large number of internet users in Kuwait to benefit from this service”, said Nidal Taha, Managing Director, Zservices.