Kaspersky brings in KIS & KAV 2012 version

Tarek Kuzbari, MD, Kaspersky Lab Middle East and Turkey

Kaspersky Lab today announced the availability of the 2012 versions of its home user products KIS and KAV for customers across the Middle East region to provides ultimate protection to PC’s from the rapid growth of threads.

The all-new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 incorporate the most advanced and effective protection technologies: a sandbox for launching suspicious applications, a program activity monitoring module, a script emulator, a cloud-based reputation database, a virtual keyboard plus many other features.

In the 2012 versions of Kaspersky Lab’s home user products, cloud-based technologies, the cutting-edge of antivirus development, have been improved. By regularly exchanging information between products installed on users’ machines and the centralized databases in the cloud, the most up-to-date threat information is made available for the protection of users. In addition to superior protection from the cloud, the new product versions also demonstrate how they do it. The main program window provides users with in-depth information about which cloud components are active and how they are protecting users’ computers and personal data.

Kaspersky Lab believes that the combination of cloud protection and security software running on users’ computers is an ideal way of ensuring multilayered protection. At present, this hybrid approach is the best option in terms of combating the wide range of threats out there in the wild. That is why both of the new product versions feature improved cloud technologies and enhanced program capabilities.

Tarek Kuzbari, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Middle East and Turkey, said, “This launch comes as an assurance on our commitment to our loyal customers in the Middle East region, who are becoming more and more tech savvy and security aware, especially with the increase use of social media and online services. The products are now available in all authorized stores”.

Kaspersky Lab has put together an anti-grey market drive that comprises a range of concrete steps designed to tackle the issue at its root. Kaspersky Lab will only activate codes designed for use within the Middle East region. Localized versions of the products ensure that buyers gain technical support and activation codes. Moreover, the vendor has introduced boxes that include a territorial belonging identifier – a special line on the box in Arabic and English that specifies the region that the product is sold in, in addition to a stretch-card with ME barcode.