Dell to sell NetEx in South Africa

NetEx recently signed agreement with Dell South Africa to reseller its HyperIP WAN optimization virtual appliance to keep pace with the growing demand in the region.

“We are pleased to introduce HyperIP WAN optimization virtual appliances to South Africa for greater return on IT investment. Dell South Africa is an ideal reseller for HyperIP as HyperIP has been proven to reduce replication, backup, and migration times in Dell storage environments by 60 to 90 percent.” said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at NetEx.

NetEx’s award-winning HyperIP WAN optimization virtual appliance is a VMware Ready solution, ideal for moving large data sets across WANs securely, swiftly and seamlessly. Patent-pending technology accelerates data replication and file transfers by aggregating multiple applications over a shared connection, and mitigating network conditions that lead to poor application performance and throughput. HyperIP supports a full range of data management applications, including backup, replication and business continuance/disaster recovery (BC/DR).

NetEx also offers HyperIP for cloud infrastructures as a software-only configuration, enabling customers to quickly deploy a WAN accelerator into their existing VMware infrastructures.