Epson launches new projector for Schools

Khalil El-Dalu, General Manager, Epson Middle East

Epson announced the launch of the ELPCB01 Control and Connection Box, a straightforward, wall-mounted box puts Epson projector controls within easy reach at the front of the classroom, while keeping cables tidy. Using the ELPCB01, teachers can switch between signal sources, such as laptops or DVD players, at the touch of a button. This saves valuable teaching time by removing the need to fiddle with ceiling-mounted inputs or remote controls.

Improving the look of classrooms and minimising trip hazards, the ELPCB01 keeps cables tidy with the included cover. It also boosts the USB signal so that USB cables can be extended by up to 10 metres, giving teachers more freedom of placement. The ELPCB01 also works with all Epson education projectors as well as the Epson ELP-DC06 USB visualiser.

Khalil El-Dalu, General Manager, Epson Middle East, said: “Epson is very pleased to introduce a new projector that has been developed with the classroom setting in mind. The ELPCB01 enhances the learning experience and empowers teachers to develop more innovative and creative classroom presentations without being burdened by technicalities. The ELPCB01 certainly unlocks exciting possibilities in the delivery of education, especially in light of the growing investment in education technology among governments and private sector organisations in the Middle East.”

The new projector is easy to use and simple to install. And, it can create a total audio-visual solution by connecting the two optional Epson 15W active speakers, which have an internal amplifier to ensure powerful sound.