DCC unveils Verbatim's latest music offerings

Verbatim Store n Go Audio Cube

Leading South African distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) today announced the launch of Verbatim’s latest innovation in music world, the Store n Go Audio USB and the Bluetooth Audio Cube.

Drika Wilkins, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC, says “The Store n Go Audio USB is the perfect size USB to take with you wherever you go. Designed to fit any USB port, this nifty little gadget was developed specifically to be used in your car. The Store n Go holds an incredible 8 Gigabytes (GB) of data, making it perfect for listening to all your favourite songs while on the road, for many hours. The Store n Go has the added benefit of its ability to be kept in any USB port for a long period of time due to its small footprint, delivering even more convenience.”

The Verbatim Bluetooth Audio Cube is designed to glamorise and liven up a party, or deliver music ‘on tap’ – anytime, anywhere. This portable, wireless stereo speaker  can connect to a device such as an Apple iPod or mobile phone to mention a few and delivers two watts of music power. With a range of eight metres the Cube can wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth enabled device. Alternatively, you have the option to simply connect via the USB cable to a USB compatible device that can play music such as a PC, laptop or Digital Video Device (DVD) player.  It also has a hardwire option if perhaps your device is not Bluetooth enabled or features a USB connector.

The funky Cube weighs at only 180 grams and has a dimension of 70mm x 3 making this a micro gadget that packs a punch. Only needing four AA batteries to power the device it combines convenience with functionally. A handy control panel allows you to control the volume and selection of songs that you want to play.

“These Verbatim products have been designed specifically for mobility and style,” adds Wilkins. “These products are not only made to be entertaining but also affordable and come with a guaranteed two year warranty.”