SAS in alliance with Maven Partners

SAS Middle East, the provider of business analytics software and services in the Middle East region, has formed a strategic partnership with Maven Partners, a leading firm specializing in the application of quantitative methods to growth and optimization issues of enterprises that aims to further penetrate the customer intelligence domain of various industry verticals across the region.

According to SAS, the partnership will play a significant role in the company’s continuing efforts in channel partner expansion. The SAS Channel Program is the company’s strategic initiative that aims to help partners drive in more business value for its clients. The program is particularly focused on the region’s SME sector and provides an integrated suite of products that ensure quick delivery and high return on investment.

Maven Partners currently offers expert support in analytics and customer intelligence domains through the application of quantitative methods to help stir in revenue growth and retention strategies. The company has expressed confidence in its newly formed partnership with SAS, further sharing that the combined capabilities of SAS and Maven Partners strategically complement each other and will enhance the value offered to customers.

“The partnership between SAS and Maven Partners will help give a big boost to our Channel Partners Program, as it primarily focuses on developing a stronger market presence in the customer intelligence domain of various industries across the Middle East,” said Amir Sohrabi, Alliances & Partner Development Manager, SAS Middle East.

Maven Partners is staffed with a team of experts that ably provide quantitative strategies that help customers address growth and optimization issues, particularly in the sales and marketing domains. The company offers a comprehensive and complementing suite of services across management advisory, capability building and managed services disciplines. To date, the Maven team has successfully delivered more than 150 engagements for more than 50 business organizations from five regions and 15 different countries.

“We are very confident that our partnership with SAS will help us create a roadmap of opportunities in both customer intelligence and business analytic domains in the Middle East region. Our key expertise in growth and optimization combined with SAS integrated suite of solutions makes for a perfect winning combination. We look forward to working closely with SAS and also help them in their efforts to reach out to a wider consumer base in the Middle East,” said Faruk Oz, Partner and Managing Director for Middle East Operations, Maven Partners.