Recycling roadshow by Jacky's in Dubai

Leading electronics retailer Jacky’s Electronics, recently held an ‘Eco-Exchange Recycling’ Roadshow at its Mirdif City Centre Outlet to promote the importance of recycling electronic products through a question and answer competition. During the event, customers could bring in their old mobile phones, notebooks, cameras, MP3 players and gaming consoles and recycle them on the spot to receive special prizes and cash vouchers for future purchases at Jacky’s.

“Going green has been a united effort by companies in the world and we would like to take part in creating awareness on the value of recycling electronic products with our customers. Holding this roadshow during DSS is an ideal time as we are able to target the whole family, including the youngsters and teenagers, and keep them informed of different ways to properly dispose their gadgets without any harmful effects to our environment,” said Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky’s Electronics.

The Eco-exchange roadshow was held in partnership with City 101.6 and hosted by their presenters, Tia and Sid. Ten Fujifilm digital cameras and a Nintendo Wii Console were given to lucky customers. The event coincided with the 41st anniversary of Jacky’s Group of Companies, and Group founder and Managing Director, Jacky Panjabi, was on hand to celebrate the event.

With the Eco-Exchange programme all customers also have the option to trade devices in whatever brand or condition, allowing them to frequently buy latest devices and keeping up with the fast changing technology. Jacky’s also offer a value on non-working products, where in many cases a trade-in value is also given and where there is no trade-in value, the will still be recycled free of charge.