Mustek to distribute Lenovo in South Africa

Mustek recently signed the distribution agreement with Lenovo to distribute Think range being aimed at SMEs and the Idea range at retail outlets in South Africa to spearhead Lenovo’s expansion within the small and medium-sized business (SME) sector.

“Although we’re already growing faster than the market, both in South Africa and globally, we have no intention of taking our foot off the accelerator,” says Henry Ferreira, country manager, Lenovo South Africa. “We’re targeting expansion in specific sectors, of which SMB is one of the most significant.

Mustek has a decades-long track record of serving that market and provides us, in a single partnership, with a breadth and depth of reach that would otherwise take us much longer to achieve.

Ivan Barnard, Lenovo product manager at Mustek, says the combination of Lenovo and Mustek is a powerful growth engine for the distribution and reseller channel. “Because we’ve always had such a tight focus on SMBs, we have tremendous insight into what creates growth for companies in that sector – and resellers are SMBs.

“We’ll therefore be bringing our expertise to bear not only on acquiring new channel members, but also being proactive in helping them grow. The Lenovo business partner channel (Club Lenovo) will add impetus to that process through rebates, training, and other incentives.

Mustek will offer warranties over and above Lenovo’s own exceptional service and product guarantees.