Samsung records a solid 183% growth

As the market for mobile computing devices exploded in past few years and saw the landscape of IT changing faster than expected, Samsung, stood tall as it increased its sales by more than 183 per cent in the first quarter of this year. The market share of Samsung’s notebooks grew more than 18 % in the UAE in 2011 compared to the first quarter of 2010 where the overall market share is currently registered at 12 per cent. The Middle East is a strategic region for Samsung and notebook sales are expected to increase due to an increasing trend in desktop replacement.

The new Series 9 notebook is built with a Solid State Hard Drive which accelerates the notebook’s performance tremendously delivering 60 percent faster booting than a hard disk drive (HDD) notebook. The notebook is feather light at 1.31kg (2.88lbs.) while maintaining a super slim body that measures only 16.3mm (0.64inches) in depth and a screen size of 13 inches, Crafted with durable duralumin, the Samsung Series 9 is the premium notebook for consumers who look for design, performance and usability.

Raj Varma, General Manager – Notebook Sales Group, Samsung Gulf Electronics states “Samsung continues to be a market leader in this category due to its commitment to giving consumers’ what they need. He also states that consumers can anticipate seeing a wide range of innovative computing devices from Samsung in the near future.”

Samsung continues to introduce new, cutting-edge form factors in the notebook market, the excitement generated by both consumers and PC manufacturers is clearly justifiable, making this category ripe for growth in the coming years.