R&M introduces Next Generation Data Center solution

Jean Pierre Labry, MD, R&M Middle East

R&M the structured cabling specialist, introduced high density patch packs 100% performance for 10 and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet data networks.  The latest product breakthrough complements their completely modular data center range including its raceways system, MPO module, raised floor solution, and pre-terminated cables.

R&M’s trademark modular solutions are the foundation for next generation data centers, enabling better performance, effective protection against electromagnetic interference, easy installation, and enhanced security.

The new HD panel packs 48 RJ45 ports into a single compact unit in the 19” cable rack.  This helps data centers gain valuable space, translating into less room for cabling and more room for active components in the cabinet.  The HD panel is extremely versatile, accommodating fiber optic and both unshielded and shielded copper cabling.  With the HD Panel from R&M, data centers are able to pack 100% performance for 10 and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet into a single unit.

In the Middle East and Africa, R&M predicts outstanding growth in the building of world class data centers over the next five years.  Already, R&M’s data center solutions have been widely deployed throughout Egypt and the region with financial firms, carriers, and enterprises.  R&M, however, advises Middle East and African planners to consider building next generation advanced data centers, keeping in mind the upcoming 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet standard and the importance of a scalable data center solution.

Jean Pierre Labry, Managing Director, R&M Middle East and Africa, commented on the announcement by saying, “The data center market is already planning on new high performance data networks. Planners should consider a well-designed infrastructure for the data center as an investment on future performance and standards such as 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet.

“R&M fully understands the Middle East and Africa’s requirements for a data center, whether its storage capacity, security requirements, or the need for disaster recovery resources.  It all starts with a modular scalable cabling solution.  R&M’s Swiss quality forward looking designed cabling, tailored to meet local requirements should be the foundation to build on,” added Labry.

R&M’s breakthrough HD panel incorporates several innovations at once for the data center, to guarantee secure, reliable uninterrupted data transmission and optimized network performance.  The Swiss cabling specialist has designed a compact unit for module holders, cable tie guide and strain relief.  Installation is tool-less, reducing assembly and maintenance work.  Thanks to the effective strain relief, the cables cannot be twisted, which is necessary for stable signal transmission in copper cables.  Additional protective plates prevent crosstalk between the unshielded copper modules, protecting against electromagnetic interference.

The HD panels’ scalable design enables planners to start with a 24-port version and gradually retrofit as needed.   As part of R&M’s security system, colored dust caps and plug locks from the R&M security system can be used for marking ports and locking the patch panels.