Trend MicroTitanium 2012 now in Beta

Trend Micro, a global Internet security solutions vendor, has announced the public beta release of Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012.

Customers who download the 2012 beta version today will be eligible to receive an exclusive discount for the finished product via email when it’s launched later this summer. Users may access the beta
The Titanium 2012 release continues the success Trend Micro established with the 2011 version–delivering a product with industry leading protection and solutions that alleviate consumer pain points. Research has consistently shown that consumers are frustrated by security products that slow their systems down, are intrusive, and are complex and difficult to understand. Titanium answers all these needs.

The Titanium Maximum Security 2012 release focuses on extending Titanium’s leadership in protecting consumers from threats and cybercrime by enhancing Titanium’s behavioral protection and rule capabilities, as well as introducing new technologies for detecting and removing botnets and encrypted malware.

This enhanced protection is being provided while still delivering a product that does not require a great deal of system resources, is easy to understand and use, and doesn’t irritate consumers with too many pop-ups and alerts.

The release of a public beta is a first for Trend Micro with Titanium 2012. We have taken strong steps to enhance a product that protects our users’ data from the latest malware, phishing and social media attacks and we are seeking user feedback as we finalize the product,” says Richard Ku, VP of Consumer Product Management at Trend Micro. “Our focus for improving Titanium this year was to continue to support consumers’ behaviors and incorporate more features to better protect against these threats.”