Psilog to beef up its VAD offerings

Ajay Singh Chauhan, CEO, Psilog International

Psilog International, a regional value added distributor (VAD) and authorised service centre for Psion Solutions in the Middle East, has revealed that it will be beefing up its value add services offering with the aim of improving the overall customer experience by providing channel partners superior quality of service and support locally.

The move by Psilog International to focus on boosting its value added services to the channel comes at a time when the mobile market in the Middle East has stabilised and in turn catapulting demand for handheld devices.

Ajay Singh Chauhan, CEO, Psilog International says these mobile computing solutions help in achieving improved productivity and greater efficiency at a lower cost. Chauhan adds that it’s for this reason that the company is upping the tempo in the area of value added services all in an effort to equip and support our channel better.

“Along with providing value added services to partners and their customers in the Middle East, Psilog International will also be focusing on improving the overall customer experience through the provision of superior quality of service and support locally,” he says. This will improve the effective utilisation of products and sustain the life span.”

The mobile market in the region is stable and has continued to improve especially with respect to radio data terminals and security. Post the global economic shakedown of 2009, the security portfolio of Psilog International has benefited immensely and Dubai in particular has started focusing on the trade aspect of business, thereby having a huge impact on logistics in various port operations in the Middle East and has in turn catapulted the demand hand held solutions.

Psilog International provides niche industry standard solutions such as data collection and management devices, imaging and scanning, RFID, ruggedness, speech and print solutions, wireless solutions, back-end and warehouse management software, it is vital that these solutions are complemented with professional services such as consultation, design implementation and turnkey solutions.

Psilog International is expecting most of its growth to come from the warehousing and ports segment in the Middle East. Every known brand in the market today has multiple warehouses across the GCC and mobile sales force automation is the way to go.

Chauhan remarks, that: “From our perspective, field service, back-end warehousing, telecoms and utility measurement are key verticals that will pioneer growth for the Psilog international in 2011.”

Anticipating growth, Psilog International has initiated new channel strategies that aim at empowering partners in terms of training, and comprehensive pre- and post-sales support. Psilog International brings to the table an absolute range of solutions which complements the front-end hardware solutions with relevant back-end supporting software, bar coding and printing.

The company goes extra miles to assist partners in understanding their end-user requirements, hand holding them to enhance their value addition in the market. Partners can further embrace solutions selling through Psion International’s portal “Ingenuity Working,” an ecosystem of channel partners and end-users collectively brain storming in a single platform, giving a more holistic approach to the whole experience.

Psilog International will continue to run various channel enablement training programmes including sales, pre-sales and tier-1 service. These programmes are bifurcated into product, solution/technology, and vertical oriented models. The duration and topics covered are handpicked by channel partners and customers, so that partners can enjoy maximum benefits in minimal time frames.