Mobiles, the new security frontier

Florian Malecki, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA , SonicWALL

With the growth of applications for Mobile phones and adoption of business tools, social media on mobile phone and mobile computing like tablets, the security threat in mobile space is becoming real. Employees use these new technologies to engage with their colleagues, customers and business partners.

“Modern-day empowered employees use smart-phones and tablets to work from remote locations. We are a truly mobile workforce. Web 2.0 and mobile applications, while empowering, also redefine the risks to IT security. These include malware from mobiles and desktops and security breaches, intentional and unintentional, by employees with access to confidential information,”said Florian Malecki, Senior Product Marketing Manager for EMEA, SonicWALL

With the risk of confidential data leakage ever increasing and the old generation of firewalls is ill-equipped to handle these new threats, SonicWALL with its next-generation firewalls offer real time traffic, highest performance networks delivering full application intelligence, control, and real time visualisation and inspection to stop threats and prevent data leakage with no latency.