PRO TECH unveils Autodesk products on Apple platform

Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director, PRO TECHnology

PRO TECHnology, a leading provider of IT solutions in Middle East, recently appointed as ‘Authorized Autodesk Value Added Reseller’ thereby opening doors to offering Autodesk’s integrated architectural CAD products and solutions for architects within the UAE on all Apple devices.

Designed for engineers, architects and other CAD industry professionals, PRO TECHnology is eyeing the growing demand for more cost effective and resource-efficient buildings and infrastructures in the UAE, which when linked with Apple will yield immense benefits.

AutoCAD for Mac has an intuitive interface that will be familiar to Mac users and makes available many of the powerful AutoCAD features and functionality to customers who choose to work natively on the Mac. AutoCAD for Mac takes full advantage of Mac OS X, including graphical browsing of design files with Cover Flow and use of Multi-Touch gestures on Mac notebooks, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for intuitive pan and zoom features. User experience design patterns, such as the visual approach to drawing and layout management, have also been incorporated into AutoCAD for Mac.

More so, this version of AutoCAD for Apple users is one of the most widely used software for professional design and engineering, running natively on Mac OS X and increases the choice of hardware for millions of users around the world. Autodesk also announced the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that will allow users to edit and share their AutoCAD designs in the field.

“Despite the financial turmoil’s impact, UAE infrastructure still requires interoperable and flexible technology tools for building information modeling that can help them yield cost effective outputs as well as solve all the obstacles faced in the stages of design and construction. Autodesk is making significant new advancements in design technology and what was available on PC’s until now, will now be made available on the Apple platform. We are indeed proud of our tie up with Autodesk and linking AutoCAD to Mac, which will definitely prove to be a perfect combination for millions of design and engineering professionals.” said Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director, PRO TECHnology.