Estarta Solutions achieves CMMI Level 3

Omar Shboul, Chief Operating Officer, Estarta

Coping with the international quality standards towards providing world class services in high standards of technical excellence; Estarta Solutions, a leading IT innovator, announced today it has achieved the (CMMI) Level 3 accreditation, an essential milestone in Estarta’s commitment towards excellence.

The CMMI is an internationally recognised standard for measuring software process improvement. CMMI involves assessing and verifying key process improvement areas to facilitate quality and performance enhancements across an organisation. CMMI standards ensure Estarta’s compliance with providing a detailed process definition of project management, process management, engineering, and support functions.

After a year of preparation, including training, process tailoring and implementation, Estarta accomplished this strategic goal conducted according to the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) v1.2 class A. Estarta satisfied all the process areas required to reach this significant achievement that ultimately increase productivity, maintain high quality services, and improve customer satisfaction goals.

“CMMI Level 3 achievement demonstrates Estarta’s commitment to quality standards in providing effective business benefits to our clients in the region. As IT plays an essential enabler role for organisations to achieve their financial and operational objectives, the need to provide services that meet the industries requirements prompted us to attain this significant achievement,” says Omar Shboul, COO, Estarta.

“I’m delighted to see how well our team was dedicated and worked together over this period to achieve this important milestone. Indeed Estarta’s journey will not end here; this is just another step in our journey,” he adds.