Riverbed expands cloud storage gateway array

Riverbed Technology an IT performance company, has introduced three new Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage gateway models designed to optimise data protection. Whitewater will now allow a wider range of organisations, including small and medium businesses (SMBs), to take advantage of the benefits of cloud data protection.

The new Whitewater models 510 and 710 are purpose-built for SMBs, while the Whitewater model 2010 is designed for the mid-sized enterprise and targeted use cases in the large enterprise.

With the release of the new models, Whitewater cloud storage gateways can now better meet the data protection needs of organisations across a wider range of sizes and industries, to reduce operational burdens, costs and complexity when using public cloud storage for data protection.

In addition to hardware-based cloud storage gateway appliances, Riverbed also offers a virtual version of its cloud storage gateway for data protection. “As many organisations are grappling with the explosion in data growth in their IT environments, cloud storage has emerged as an attractive data protection option.

SMBs can quickly and easily add offsite protection capabilities, but only pay for storage as needed and without investing in or managing a secondary data center,” says Bob Laliberte, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “As enterprises increase their use of server virtualisation and implement other strategic IT initiatives, the growth and the sheer volume of data present a greater challenge for data protection strategies. With these new Whitewater models, Riverbed provides a data protection solution that helps organizations accelerate recovery times, drive down the cost of backup and improve disaster recovery (DR).”

Whitewater cloud storage gateways enable organisations to easily and securely optimise their backup, while allowing them to reap the benefits of the public cloud’s economies of scale, flexibility, scalability and pay-per-use pricing, without changes to their existing infrastructure. Whitewater cloud storage gateways provide fast, drop-in access to the major public cloud storage providers with local-like performance and connect directly to most popular backup tools.