IBM’s new technologies for HPC

IBM has announced new high performance computing (HPC) cloud offerings to help clients tackle advanced scientific and technical computing workloads like analytics, simulations for product development, climate research and life sciences.

Today, many organisations operate with separate pools of high performance computing systems. The HPC cloud offerings from IBM will allow clients to link computing resources across their organisations into a single, high performance, private cloud while providing system administrators the flexibility to prioritise resources based on business or technical needs.

In order for cloud computing to be cost efficient for scientific use, clouds must be optimised for scientific applications, according to a paper written by Lawrence Berkeley Lab as part of its Magellan Project. IBM is the only major vendor to offer a private cloud solution tuned for HPC users.

By knitting disparate systems together into one centralised resource, clients gain easier access to more computing resources that can be used to support their most important business priorities.

The HPC cloud offerings from IBM enable clients to more easily manage and prioritize HPC resources on a global basis while maintaining operations and data securely behind their company’s firewall. This capability will allow organisations in industries like oil and gas or manufacturing that capture large volumes of unstructured data to pool and scale internal computing resources to respond to fluctuating amounts of data that need to be processed and analyzed, for example.