Itqan ISO certified for information security management

Feras-Al-Jabi, General Manager, Itqan

Itqan Al-Bawardi Computers attained the ISO 27001 certification for its compliance with the Information Security Management System standard, signifying the implementation of a set of information security controls in accordance to criterions set forth by this quality certification.

“An integral and indispensable component of Itqan’s edge and appeal is the stringent quality standards it enforces across all its processes. We vehemently believe that the ultimate winner out of a process-defined mode of operations is the customer, who is undoubtedly guaranteed a superior level of service,” said Feras Al-Jabi, General Manager, Itqan.

“Itqan’s culture and philosophy is strongly centered on quality, where we perceive it as a lifestyle and general work ethic, and not just a requirement that needs to be fulfilled during audits. I want to thank all team members for their great effort in making this venture a success, and I look forward to witness Itqan attain more certifications of the same nature in the future,” said Rola Satari, Accreditation, Quality and Communications Manager, Itqan.

This feat marks the third ISO certification in Itqan’s resume. Itqan is ISO 9001:2008 certified, as well as ISO 20000 certified, and was the first IT Company in the region to achieve the latter three years ago.

“We very much admire Itqan’s dedication and insistence in making quality assurance an area of utmost importance, and not merely a secondary requirement, evidenced by how Itqan regularly conducts internal audits as well as external audits,” said Dipti Ranade, Lead Auditor, TUV Nord.