Asus launches silent graphic card

Asus GT 520 Graphic Card

Asus today announced the release of Asus GT 520, a graphics card that combines great performance with a low profile that is perfectly suited to be used in an HTPC. With an innovative fanless design, the GT 520 efficiently and silently dissipates heat while still offering outstanding graphics performance. 1GB of DDR3 memory and Microsoft DirectX 11 support means the GT 520 displays the latest in multimedia entertainment with ease.

Asus GT 520 is based on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 GPU and is equipped with an efficiently designed heatsink that passively cools the GT 520 so absolutely no sound is produced while running. This ensures a quiet environment, and combined with the low profile of the graphics card makes it perfect for hushed gaming and multimedia enjoyment via home theater PCs and multimedia centers.

GT 520 combines great performance in a low profile that is perfectly suited to be used in an HTPC. A unique fanless design passively and silently cools the NVIDIA GT 520 GPU, which contains 1GB of DDR3 memory and DirectX 11 support so the latest games look their best. Enjoy Full HD 1080p video playback through native HDMI ports or a richer web experience with GPU accelerated browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.