New dawn for Xerox Emirates

Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates

Xerox Emirates revealed its business strategy by unveiling its vision ‘New Dawn, New Company, New Performance’ that represents Xerox Emirates outlook and shift in its performance standards by creating an energized  environment in which all daily business processes and interactions will be faced head on with enthusiasm and drive to achieve ultimate satisfaction for both the customer and each individual employee .

Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates said, “Our facility here at IMPZ is the foundation on which our new vision ‘New Dawn, New Company New Performance’ has been developed. Our vision will be what sets us apart from our competitors and creates trust and positions XEM as the number one choice within the markets that its serves. 2011 has already seen many organizational changes that will form the support and foundation for our continued success. Our strategy is aimed at expanding our market reach through various key actions. We intend to accomplish this expansion through our growth drivers which focus on accelerating the colour transition.

According to the IDC Report for 2010 Xerox Emirates is ranked number one in A3 colour MFP’s with a value market share of 25%. The company will be placing focus on its Tier two Channel Strategy which concentrates on strengthening relationships with distributors and resellers and enhance the network through training programs such as the Xerox Masters Academy and Channel Rewards Program.