MAP Software in alliance with Tekla

Revolutionizing the way companies license and utilize 3D modeling solutions for construction, Tekla BIMsight is offered as a free downloadable application that is built on Tekla’s advanced modeling technology. Everyone from small to large construction companies can download the application for free and begin to utilize their design files for 3D project collaboration purposes, for example, to detect clashes. Most importantly, with the software its users will be able to easily share these coordinated models necessary to collaborate with team members effectively.

In particular, the new Tekla BIMsight application will assist in coordinating structural and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) plans. Tekla’s main software product, Tekla Structures, and MAP’s CADduct software also form an integrated solution that allows engineers, detailers, fabricators, and contractors to seamlessly share information-rich building information models.

Peter Barcock, MD, Micro Application Packages aka MAP Software, said, “No one product can provide everything that BIM promises. While Tekla BIMsight can handle several proprietary file formats, its longer-term strength is in managing BIM-rich open format models like IFCs. The partnership between Tekla, MAP Software and others ensure customers can confidently head down this path, and that IFCs are more widely accepted as a better, open format way forward for the construction industry. Here at MAP Software we are fully behind the future development of Tekla BIMsight and committed to as much development as is required on CADmep+ to ensure maximum interoperability between the applications and therefore all the best products used throughout construction project as a whole.”

“It is crucial for general contractors to be able to coordinate and construct with MEP contractors, seamlessly. We are happy to share a common belief in open standards with MAP, and we are delighted to have MAP as a Tekla BIMsight distributor.” said Laura Virros, Director of project delivery segment, Tekla.