ISnSC launches Government Security Governance solution in the region

ISnSC the specialist in Information Assurance & Cryptography today annouced the launche Government Security Governance (GSG) solution for all the Governments across the Middle East region.

The GSG aims to help government entities obtain a full perception of the government network and detect any kind of violations in real-time in a cost-effective way.

The GSG is based on the SAINT framework that does not require any additional implementations or alteration to any government network, which ensures smooth government operation. Having SAINT certified engineers will also ensure the maximum output of the GSG.

“We are proud to be the leaders or Information Assurance across the Middle East, specially in a time where most security budgets are rather tight” says Sherif Hazzaa, Managing Director of ISnSC R&D FZ LLC. “The GSG is a true step towards cost-effective security strategy planning”

SAINT specialisation enhances concepts of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. The SAINT framework itself, can be used to audit any kind of network, web application , local audits, registry and local files towards, among others,. In addition to any customized government standards or ISO 27001