COMMA launches eco-friendly laptop cooling bag in the region

COMMA, a leading designer exclusive products manufacture today has launched a eco-friendly laptop cooling bag in the Middle East, which is made of special crystals-based cooling technology to reduce the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius and prolong battery and laptop life. The environment-friendly COMMA Notebook Cooling Bag, which can be used as Notebook Cooler is faster in cooling, airport friendly and offers mobility with ease.

Laptop overheating does not only damage the notebook, it can cause serious health ramifications like Toasted Skin Syndrome, fertility-related risks and even skin cancer. Incidences of health related problems have been on the rise lately with an increase in the usage of notebooks. With COMMA Notebook Cooling Bag a user does not have to worry about any of these issues.

The user is free of any hassle to buy a separate cooling pad. The bag maintains the temperature of the notebook. Besides, with its immense flexibility, the COMMA Notebook Cooling Bag fits a laptop like a second skin making it possible to even put it inside another bag, hence, greatly enhancing the mobility. It is fast in cooling, noiseless and environment friendly.

“We are committed to providing the best in comfort and convenience to our customers. Our innovative, exclusive products in mobility have been well-received in the Middle East market, where the customers are quite tech-savvy and love to upgrade to the latest. The COMMA Notebook Cooling Bag is a must-have for users who want to ensure the safety of their laptops, are health conscious and want to use a product that has the latest technology that offers great mobility. The sleek and envious looks are an added advantage,” said Hussein Maharma, Managing Director, COMMA.

The cooling technology used in the bag is by far the most advanced and eco-friendly. It dissipates heat faster and in a more effective way compared to traditional coolers and requires no power, wires or refrigeration. The cooling crystals used in the bag require zero maintenance or refrigeration. The bag is available in different sizes and users have a wide choice when it comes to selecting their favourite colour.