Al Ansari Exchange adopts Etisalat's ‘IP Connect' service

Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, Etisalat

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE’s largest network exchange house that provides worldwide remittance and foreign exchange services, has revealed that all its 100 branches across the UAE are now connected via Etisalat’s ‘IP Connect’ service. By utilizing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology over IP – VPN’s, this service offers comprehensive management features for all connections and routers at the company’s branches across the country.

“We are certain that implementing the latest technological solutions will further our ability to provide the best money exchange and transfer services, in a manner that reinforces the overall performance and productivity of our company”. Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, Etisalat, said: “Etisalat’s IP Connect service offers a unique combination of swiftness, scalability, reach and reliability to businesses. With speeds of up to 10 GB, IP Connect plays a pivotal role in enabling strategic business growth through its rich technology.”

Etisalat ‘IP Connect’ provides the company with highly reliable speeds over an enhanced infrastructure that offers anticipatory solution for technical problems prior to their occurrence, which helps boost the performance of devices whilst minimizing total cost. Etisalat’s ‘IP Connect’ provides diverse key features that meet the requirements of the company’s expansion activities nationwide such as reducing transaction execution time, providing swifter data transfer between branch offices and Central Operation Department, in addition to providing high quality and exceptional security solutions that would further performance and productivity.